Good Morning:

This site is about a journey we are all making together. We are traveling to God. We will arrive on The Morning of the Seventh Day.

Here I teach you about the journey and the destination. We learn about life’s journey from many different sources. We learn from nature; we learn from experience; we learn from others; we learn through prayer. Principally, however, we learn about the journey and the destination through the revelation that God has provided about Himself in the writings we call The Bible.

My aim is to give you understanding of that Writing so that you can know how to navigate through this dark night of travel called “life” as we make our way to our destiny.

Understanding of the journey is found powerfully in the first three pages of the Bible, comprising of Genesis chapters 1, 2 and 3. Understanding of the destination is found powerfully in the last three pages of the Bible, comprising of Revelation chapters 19, 20, 21 and 22.

For clarity and simplicity, I am going to teach you that The Bible is divided into three parts: the first there pages (Genesis 1, 2 and 3); the last three pages (Revelation 19,20,21 and 22) And everything else in the middle.

All of the issues raised and challenges posed in the first three pages are resolved in the last three. If you can come to understand the issues raised in Genesis, which I will explain, then you will see and understand how God resolves those issues in Revelation – and how that affects you.

The issues and challenges of Genesis and Revelation are the issues of everyday life and affect you personally on a continuing basis.

I will, therefore, concentrate on those 6 pages at this site. Clarity on those six pages of The Bible at the beginning and the end will allow you to get the point of the other One Thousand pages in the middle.

This site is also about a book I have written on the subject of the journey and the object of our travels called: The Morning of the Seventh Day. Chapters of that book are featured. Sermons I have written are also included from time to time.

The point of all this is to provide you with information upon which to make decisions about your direction of travel on the life journey we are all on. Will you move toward God or move away from Him? Will you ride to the end of the line or will you get off the train called “time” at another station?