January 18, 2015


We live in a world where every boundary is being violated, battered or dissolved. The result is the spreading chaos we are witnessing develop in society, culture and civilization.

Boundaries are fundamentally designed to set limits that facilitate order. We have administrative boundaries, such as property lines and national borders. These make it clear who owns what so that contentions over resources are minimized.

We have civil boundaries such as the criminal code, which define conduct and are meant to facilitate law and order so that everyone’s needs are accounted for.

We have social boundaries, such as marriage, that are designed to make clear who’s mate and who’s children are who’s.

We have religious boundaries that define faith and practice and enable us to differentiate one god from another.

We have personal boundaries that allow us to defend our individual integrity as regards to safety, living space and dignity.

Boundaries limit conflict. When all agree to respect boundaries it is possible for there to be ordered society and dare I say – civilization itself.

Without boundaries, human nature takes over and selfishness, greed, pride and fear, which are dominate human traits, steamroller the weak to the benefit of the strong. Without boundaries there is endless conflict over resources, mates, values and religion.

For reasons, which on the surface seem difficult to understand because they are illogical, Western political elites are bent on erasing every boundary in Western Culture. Every administrative, political, civil, social, religious and personal boundary has been removed, blurred, or assaulted. This is so weakening the fabric of society that it is making it difficult to impossible for Western Civilization to resist the pressures from civilizations at its borders.

The fundamental boundary in society is marriage. The family is the basic unit – the basic building block of civilization. Strong families make for a cohesive social structure. People that are interrelated familially can cooperatively form culture. Culture is a framework of practices, norms and behaviors that can span families, clans and nations and create a set of social, political, religious, civil and personal boundaries that everyone can intrinsically agree to, thus facilitating order and hopefully peace as well. The order of culture creates certainties and expectations that are standardized and permanent. This allows not only for planning but also for accountability. Society can progress according to known rules and those who would perturb the system, criminally or socially, can be held accountable to an established standard held by all.

In the West the fundamental boundary of civilization, marriage, has been reduced to rubble. It started with easy divorce. If you can dissolve a relationship as important as marriage on the whim of one person without the assent of the extended family and with no shame from society, you have done great damage to civilization. Next came birth control and abortion for birth control. If you can eliminate the consequences of sexual activity and the gravity thereof, you have done great damage to the relationship between man and women. You have reduced the meaning of the union of the sexes to personal gratification. This is bad enough, but when you consider that children can be killed with impunity in the womb to facilitate gratuitous personal ends, it diminishes the value of children in society – and their humanity. If you can then next call any relationship between individuals, whether that be of the same gender or be of multiple partners, marriage, you have just killed off the meaning of marriage completely. This recipe for disaster creates an olio of disconnected individuals with no parental and familial centers, let alone cultural or societal allegiances. All needs and morality are relative. Every man is an island disconnected from every other with no shared cultural objectives or standards. The lot is governed by an exploitative elite, which has only contempt for the people they govern and determined to impose a socialist utopian fantasy on everyone.

Can that civilization possibly stand against the onslaught of Islamic civilization, or even Eastern civilization, which have a well-defined cultural center and the energy and will to impose their culture on others?

With even the basic boundaries of civilization eroded in the West, including national boundaries and marriage, it is creating a cultural vacuum that is sucking in Islamic culture and threatening to undo what is left of Christian Civilization.

In the Bible, Eden has boundaries. Eden is expansive and Eden has a lot of resources and possibilities – but there are borders. There is a river on all sides (Gen 2:10). It has an edge that can be defended by angels (Gen 3:24). Eden – God’s Kingdom – has boundaries because not every attitude and action of humanity is morally relative. Not every attitude and action of humanity is noble. Some are ignoble and fail to reflect God’s character and nature, which is high and what he intends for Man. These attitudes and actions cause conflict. That’s why Eden has boundaries. Boundaries to separate the light from the darkness and what is holy from what is unholy.

The devil was the first to try to eliminate boundaries. He first eliminated them in his own life and then he sought to eliminate them in the lives of others (Gen 3:1). The Western World without boundaries is inspired by him. It is his derivative – his progeny and he is inspiring and controlling the descent into ashes we are witnessing (1 Jon 5:19).

New Jerusalem – God’s Kingdom – has a wall (Rev 21:12). It has boundaries like Eden. It descends from Heaven from God to Man, just as Eden was planted by God and made ready for Man. God intends for Man to live within the boundaries of His Holy character and nature, which are selfless, and not in the selfishness of the flesh that lies without.

Lord – may Your Kingdom come and may the boundaries of happy and holy living be restored to Your children – a true family with You as our loving Father. A culture of peace and prosperity forevermore.