December 27, 2014

Man is a Spiritual Creation not a Physical Creation


If I could teach you just one thing it would be to stop thinking of Mankind (and yourself) as a physical creation. Man is not a physical creation. Man is a spiritual creation.

You are not your flesh and bone. The body is merely a repository of the spirit being that lies within. That spirit could animate other forms. To be Man, it is not required that you possess a hominid body. What makes you Man is your ability to reflect God’s character and nature in your own being. Only a spirit child of God can do that. What is merely animal (flesh) cannot.

Genesis chapters 1, 2 and 3 is not an account of the creation of the physical universe. It is an account of the creation of a relationship between the Holy God (YHWH) and his spirit children Man (Adam).

In previous writings, I pointed out that the Earth is not flat. That may seem obvious to you but through most of human history it was not so obvious. Until recent centuries, most held that idea (flat Earth). Why? It is a matter of perspective. From where you are standing, the Earth “seems” flat. Most people accept the most likely conclusion and assume the Earth is flat based on the information at hand. There is evidence to the contrary present in the environment. Heavenly bodies appear circular and disc-like. The Sun rises and sets according to a rhythmic pattern. Ships seem to dip under the horizon and disappear. But does this evidence really point to a different conclusion from the normative understanding that the Earth is flat? How do you interpret that evidence to arrive at a different conclusion? It took centuries of investigation and experimentation and the attainment of an entirely new physical perspective (aviation and rocketry) to prove conclusively to most of humanity that the Earth is a sphere. Even so: that the Earth is a sphere orbiting in space around the sun is by no means a belief held by humanity in its totality. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence some persist in the notion that the Earth is flat and discount the science. Some still live in cultures where the evidence is not available or taught.

It is the same with the Bible. To the untrained mind the Bible appears to be just another myth conjured up by the ancients to explain the origin of the physical Universe. It appears to be an account of the physical creation. It is a matter of cultural perspective. From where you sit and without investigation, that seems to be the obvious conclusion. It is a conclusion internalized into society and taught as knowledge. There is evidence to the contrary present in the environment. There is evidence to the contrary present in the writing itself. But how does one interpret that evidence to arrive at a different conclusion? Does the evidence really point to the conclusion that the Bible account of creation is really a similitude that explains a spiritual creation rather than a physical one?

To come to a real understanding of what the Bible is all about requires some thought. It requires some prayer. It requires some investigation. Until they gain a new perspective – a spiritual one – most will persist in the normative understanding that the Bible account of creation is a myth about the creation of the physical Universe. A new perspective is available and attainable. Will you seek it?

In my writings and teachings I am challenging you to go beyond the obvious. There is more here than meets the eye at first glance.

Stop thinking of yourself in physical terms and start thinking of yourself in spiritual terms. The Bible is a spiritual book with a spiritual message. Pray for the Spirit, that He will show you the meaning of it. Understanding will reinforce what you know intuitively. Reinforcement is convicting. Conviction is motivating. You will be motivated to action. The initial action you will take is your stand for God. You will repent of your sin and affirm God’s sovereignty. The action you will be motivated to next is to engage humanity in the work of witnessing to God’s grace and allowing the Spirit to conform you to God’s holiness. This is the meaning of your life.

 John 6: 63 It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.

Man is a spiritual creation not a physical one. Your time in the flesh is limited. Your time in the spirit is eternal.

Read the Bible from a spiritual perspective and you will get the sense of it.

May God bless you with wisdom, spirit and life.