September 8, 2014


The Creation Account in Genesis:

It’s an imaginative comparison. It’s an illustrative story. Although it has some relation to physical creation it is not meant to be understood as a scientific explanation of the creation of the universe.

What is it then?

The first three chapters of Genesis are an account of the creation of the Relationship between God and Man.

It’s a similitude.

The Universe has been here a long time. So long, in fact that it is difficult for the human mind to comprehend its age. In previous posts we have demonstrated this with unequivocal evidence (see the page entitled: “The Earth is not Flat”).

Humanity is a different story. Man has been here a very short time. How short: a few thousand years (< 10,000).

But . . . what about all that evidence pointing to the great age of the universe? What about the fossil record?

What I am attempting to demonstrate at this site and through my teaching is to get you to understand that MAN is a spiritual creation not a physical creation. You have to stop thinking about yourself as your FORM and begin to understand yourself as your SUBSTANCE.

You are a spirit being that occupies and is intentionally limited to a physical shell.

The FORM that you occupy is merely a means by which you can experience the environment and collect data. It is also a means by which you can interact relationally with other spirits. The conciseness it facilitates also allows you to interact with your Creator.

Your SPIRIT could occupy any FORM. Your spirit could occupy the form of a mammal or reptile. Your spirit could occupy the form of a bird or fish. The form is not the important thing. What is important is your substance.

Your SPIRIT IS your SUBSTANCE. Your spirit is derived directly from God. Because your spirit is so directly derived from the Divine it is in its fundamental essence possessive of the nature and character of God and allows you as a unique individual to express in your attitudes, actions and decision making the image of your Maker.

The primary way in which your spirit is reflective of the image of God is in your ability to make moral distinctions. This is freedom. God is free and God made you free. This is the essence of freedom – the ability to discriminate between right and wrong against an ethical standard. Further – freedom is the ability to ACT in harmony with or against the standards of the ethic. Finally – freedom is the ability to choose the ethic to which we will be held accountable or to reject ethics altogether and live in a purely selfish way; in the moment – according to the needs of the situation or circumstances.

God made you free. You are a unique free spirit capable of reflecting or rejecting the character and nature of God. That is your SUBSTANCE.

Your substance occupies the form. The form allows you to learn by collecting data and processing information. The purpose of learning is to provide you the means to make a decision.

The entire point of your existence is to make a decision as to whether or not you will accept or reject accountability to God based upon the ethical standard that He has ordained as the basis upon which to make moral distinctions or – whether you will reject that standard and make your own.

That is why you are here – to make that decision.

God placed the SPIRIT of humanity in the physical FORM it now occupies some few thousand years ago. The purpose of the form is to facilitate the decision. That is all.

The biological history of the Earth as recorded in the fossil record has nothing to do with what I just explained.

You are not an animal. The animals cannot make moral distinctions. They can only act according to a pre-programmed pattern of behavior. The animals that inhabited this planet previous to the appearance of Man, whether or not they possessed a hominid body type, made tools or lived communally did not possess the spirit image of God and were not free. They could not make moral distinction or reflect the nature and character of God.

Any physical relationship they have to you is only superficial. You are not your form, you are your substance. You have to stop thinking of yourself in physical terms and come to understand yourself as the spirit being you actually are.

The creation account in Genesis is a similitude that illustrates the complexity of the concept of freedom and points to how the spirit children that God has made, through a process of experiential maturation, will come to learn how to be responsibly free and truly reflect the image of their loving Father.

The similitude is designed to present spiritual truths in an engaging way not teach geology.

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