December 21, 2014


The Foretelling

As with the creation account I have composed the last four chapters of Revelation into a comprehensible narrative without figures of speech. I have decided to write the narrative in the past tense; as if the events have already transpired, as opposed to the future tense as a “foretelling” might imply. I have decided to do so because to God these events have already transpired. God stands outside of time. Simultaneously, He is at the beginning of time; with us here in the present; and at the end of time waiting for us to catch up. The tense I have chosen is written from His prospective as a fait accompli.

As I have stated in the commentary, it is not possible to construct an inerrant narrative of the end of time. There is no doctrinal purity because God leaves the matter intentionally ambiguous. He does this to challenge us to put our trusting faith in Him. The narrative is written in general terms along generally accepted themes that have been present in Christian thought through the centuries but expressed in terms that are relevant to the present. As with the retelling, I hope the narrative gives you some clarity and some perspective on why you are here and what you must do.



And so – the millennia passed. Man lived on an independent course apart from God. The conflicts inherent in the human condition, selfish pride and its ambition; and the pursuit of the material and sexuality dominated human existence.

Beginning with Babylon, civilizations rose and fell, but they all had one thing in common. Selfish elites dominated others to their own benefit at the expense of those weaker than themselves. Conceit motivated some to elevate themselves to the status of gods, demanding homage and tribute: and the Earth was filled with violence as Men conflicted for resources and mates. Life was in constant turmoil.

But in every generation, some made a decision to homage Father God and rejected the sophistry of ha satan. The messaging and influence of the devil was constant and pervasive and many suffered greatly for the decision to pursue Spirit instead of flesh.

But by the by the number of God’s children that He had determined would be born was fulfilled. Each and every one of them was a witness to the colossal failure of a world that lived and governed itself apart from God and esteemed the selfish evil of ha satan rather than the selfless love of Father God. And so too, the angelic creation was a witness to these events.

Unlike the man and the woman that God had placed in Eden these individuals had recognized their sin; their separateness from God, and repented, acknowledging God’s sovereignty. They had made a decision to ascend to the Spirit from the flesh, claiming their rightful relational position with their Father rather than remaining immersed in the un-holiness of carnal living. And as many as were called and chosen to this high estate and remained faithful to the Word of God, in spite of the persecutions of the world, The Logos gathered to Himself in an act of self-sacrificing love and grace, which defeated death and overcame the lies of ha satan.

But the day came that the number of the saints of God was fulfilled, and when that day came God made an end of the world of ungodly Men. There was no longer any need for the classroom. The lesson had been taught and learned.

God did not just snap his finger and turn out the light. Like everything else, God used the occasion to make a point. He processed the world out of existence in a rapid but instructive way so that those experiencing the demise could have an opportunity to evaluate what was happening to them – and have one last opportunity to repent and acknowledge the God of Heaven.


The end began with the unraveling of Western Civilization. The once powerful West succumbed to the entropy inherent in all civilizations. The traditional institutions of industry, education, finance, nominally Christian religion, the armed forces and government based upon Judeo/Christian ethics, which were its underpinnings, became corrupted. As traditional society declined and socialism gained ascendancy Western nations began to crumble into statist tyrannies with unsustainable social spending. Exponentially expanding government and government expenditures based upon deficit spending began to destabilize Western economies. But it wasn’t just that traditional social institutions went into decline, cultural institutions became debased as well. Music and art became sexual and vulgar. The civilization that produced Bach, Beethoven, Shakespeare and DaVinci, by the end could only manage Kim Kardasian and Kayne West as artistic models. The family itself, the basic unit of society, was so debased by divorce and homosexuality that it was not strong or integrious enough to foster new generations of citizens socialized to a set of common values able to provide cohesion to society. And it was, in fact, the multicultural composition of its constituent nations that was its ultimate undoing. Demographic transitions, mass migrations and unrestricted immigration from culturally dissimilar regions of the world had created large pockets of unassimilated foreigners within the community of Western Nations. When the pressure of wars, social unrest, inflation and commodity shortages brought on by the ascendancy of emergent economies and civilizations at its margins hit, the West imploded on itself into factious feuds between rival ethnic, religious, linguistic, racial and socioeconomic groups. Because the West could not hang together politically, socially, culturally or religiously; it fell apart.

It was not as if these things had not been seen before. When Rome unraveled for similar reasons an immense cataclysm enveloped the Western World and civilization was pushed to the margins. Centuries of tribal conflicts and privation ensued. It took a thousand years for the West to recover. There was, however, no recovery in the offing in this circumstance. The difference this time was that the nuclear, biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction, which had proliferated in the hands of the various factions within and without the West, were so lethal and effective they were able to do in a significant portion of humanity when they were unleashed. The famines, environmental degradation and disease, which resulted from these conflicts collapsed the rest of the world system that was left standing. Western Civilization disintegrated, but the rest of the world was drawn into the maelstrom as well.


And God let it happen.


It was not as if Father had to precipitate the collapse. The selfish system of human governance alienated from God, which had existed since the early days of Sumeria and Babylon, was doomed to eventually fail. It had been clearly shown in the history of the Earth that biological systems that operated on pure selfishness were unsustainable. Mass extinctions always ensued when the pressure from the environment exceeded the capacity of the ecosystem to adapt communally. God did not cause the collapse of these systems; He merely used the occasion to demonstrate their weakness and vulnerability. Ancient systems of life failed because the system participants could not make decisions to act cooperatively and systematically together over time. They could only act in what the species, and the individuals in the species, perceived to be in their own self-interest at the moment without regard to other individuals or groups. In consequence: in the end, the predators were always compelled by environmental factors to overexploit their prey (whether animal or vegetable), and when the prey went the predators perished as well.

Contemporary Western Culture was simply an extension of the civilization dimensioned thousands of years earlier in the ancient Near East by the first elites who had been willing to establish themselves as arrogant exploiters of their fellow men.  The greed, avarice and lust of Humanity combined with hatred and pride were the catalysts for a perfect storm of destruction when they all collided together at the crossroads of the world, The Middle East. The sentient system would now meet the same fate of its insentient predecessors: mass extinction. The nations of the Earth had spent generations aligning themselves competitively to be in a position to exploit the natural resources of the region. Competition for resources was not new or unusual. What was problematic about the Near East was that the curse of enmity that God had levied on humanity between the holy and the unholy was most fully manifested in the contentious and never ending struggle between the Jews (representative of God’s plan of salvation) and the Moslems (representative of the rejection of God’s plan). The hatred of the Moslems for the Jews was so irrational that when they finally possessed the means to annihilate their enemies they proceeded to attempt to do so without regard for how their actions would impact civilization or the collateral damage, even to themselves. It was truly about the moment with no plan for tomorrow. When the dogs of war were finally unleashed the uncontrolled chain reaction brought down Western Civilization. China and the civilizations at the margins were happy to facilitate the demise. Unfortunately for them, the wake created when the Titanic went down sucked them under as well.

There was a great tribulation unknown since the founding of the world – Foretold by The Logos, this self-inflicted wound was the natural consequence of life fully engaged in carnality

When the West disintegrated it created a political and economic vacuum that was so intense the rest of the Humanity was plunged into turmoil. The residue of war, famine, disease and environmental degradation created by uncontrolled conflict threatened to destroy all of humanity.

The persecution of Christians and Jews intensified to catastrophic levels.

When it was clear that self-annihilation was imminent God stepped in and put an end to it all. He did this for the sake of those who had chosen to become spirit and eschewed the flesh, lest they all be destroyed at the hands of the devil. The collapse of Western Civilization might have happened sooner. In fact, God had restrained its fall in order to allow the full number of His children to be born and to become eyewitnesses to the world’s ultimate collapse.


There was great rejoicing in Heaven on the day that The Logos and the holy angels of God made their appearance on the world scene. This day had been a long time in coming.

You would think that humanity would have rejoiced as well. You would think that mankind would have welcomed the intervention. You would think that when confronted with their Creator they would have repented from their sin. You would think that Men, in evaluating the chaos all around them, would have seen the light and realized the folly of separateness from God. You would think? In fact, almost none did. Instead, they continued on their course of opposition to God and cursed the light when it appeared because they loved the darkness contained in their precious buckets more that the light of life streaming from the throne of God. It was no different than the day God appeared in Eden and posed the question to Humanity: “where are you?”: and Humanity proceeded to dissemble, claim victimhood and disclaim responsibility.

The Messiah proceeded to put an end to world governments. They were consigned to everlasting destruction. No more would Men selfishly rule over other Men for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many. Consigned for everlasting destruction with them were their propagandists; the media and educational systems that spread the lies of ha satan.

Objectivity and Truth triumphant! No more sophistry – no more lies.

As for ha satan himself, God did not immediately destroy him. The reason being that the process of revealing how harmful and destructive his opposition to God and his lies were was not completely finished. Instead, God restrained him from the world scene in order to allow for the transition to Godly rule over Humanity without the interference of manipulative supernatural forces. The period of restraint would be lengthy, but once again he would reemerge to test Mankind one last time in a great final exam, to see if Humanity had learned the lesson taught in the classroom of the ages.


And so the Christ of God appeared, and all the holy Angels with Him. They made an end of the great tribulation and destroyed and disbursed all of the worldly forces: political, economic, social, military and religious that stood unrepentantly in opposition to God; doing the will of ha satan.

Not all of humanity was killed but something more than 1/3 and less than ½ of all of the people of the world perished in the self-inflicted conflagration of the great tribulation and the acts of retribution inflicted upon humanity by the King of Kings.

Many of God’s children had perished in the persecutions during the great tribulation. During the appearing of the Lord, however, God had set a seal upon those who remained so they were passed-over and preserved alive when the wrath of God was poured out on the nations.


The Resurrection:


At the appearing of The Lord, those of the saints who were living and who had been preserved alive through the cataclysmic end of the world were joined to The Christ. They were changed. The tunic of skin; the fleshly body that they had inhabited throughout their lives was removed and they were re-clothed in a body of spirit. This was the body that the man and the woman in Eden had rejected in favor of the flesh. Only what is holy can be united with what is Godly and so God gave them a form suitable for the unity they would experience with Him.

Additionally, those of the saints and martyrs who had perished through the ages, either through natural death or at the hands of the ungodly, were raised from the dead. They too were raised to life, not in a body of flesh but in a body of spirit, which was immortal and not subject to the entropy inherent in physical matter.

The called; the chosen and the faithful through the ages would now rule with Christ over the Earth, all human originated systems of governance, social organization and religion having been eliminated along with the prophets, lies and cultural depravity of ha satan.

Some of God’s children He would designate as Priests, that is, His representatives to Mankind to instruct and teach Humanity the truth about their Creator and the place of all His children in the grand plan of creation that He had initiated so many eons before. They would teach Men how to approach God through the discipline of holy living and to be obedient to His Word. They would lead people to a place of decision and tell them about the choice that lies before all Men – the choice to acknowledge or reject God’s sovereignty. They would counsel Mankind to love God and be holy as He is holy and choose life as they had chosen.

Some of God’s children He would designate as kings, that is, rulers and administrators who would govern on a local level in Christ’s name. In any society of Men, order and organization is necessary. This is required in order to facilitate the means and ends of the community. Kings also provide policing.

Some of God’s children he would designate as judges, that is, evaluators who would measure the deeds of Men against God’s holy standards and dispense justice and provide accountability.

All of the saints and the martyrs raised from the dead and attaining to life at the end of the great tribulation are immortal. Having been tested in life and found faithful they are not subject to the final judgment to come at the end of the age, when ha satan is released from his prison. They have been judged already by God Himself and found worthy to be the Bride of Christ, the pure Woman of Genesis. They are adorned with the jewels of their holy acts of conduct and arrayed in the clean white linen of their righteousness lives, suitable to be united to The Bridegroom – The Mighty God – The Everlasting Father – The Prince of Peace.

But over whom do these Judges, Kings and Priests rule? Do they rule over each other?

While a significant portion of humanity perished in the great tribulation and many others were slain by the Angels and acts of God at the close of the old world order, something more than ½ of humanity remained alive. That would represent a number in the billions. It is over this vast sea of impenitent humanity that The Kingdom of God in Christ now begins to rule.

The purpose of the rule of The Kingdom of God in Christ as administered and governed with the assistance of the saints is to provide a mechanism by which impenitent humanity can learn accurately of God and come to repentance and to provide a contrasting system of just and benevolent governance, which can be compared to the failure of satanic inspired human self-rule.

This provides every human with the opportunity to make a choice based upon firsthand experience. Will we choose holiness and life or flesh and death?

Father God does not provide unambiguous clarity in the revelations He has provided to Men regarding the precise timing and mechanisms He will use to resurrect the entirety of humanity to life at the conclusion of the old world order. What He does make clear is that all who have lived – all Humanity – will either survive the conclusion of the system of things or will be raised to life and will be subject to the rule of The Kingdom of God in Christ as governed with the assistance of righteous humanity. Righteous Humanity comes to life in the first resurrection. This first resurrection occurs immediately at the close of The Great Tribulation and the destruction of Human systems.

All of unrighteous Humanity, that is Humanity not yet reconciled to God, subsequently raised to life, or who survive the end of the world, will be guided in the Way everlasting, and will be evaluated in their conduct and judged in their fitness to inherit the Kingdom of God based upon their willingness to freely conform to God’s holy standards, repent and accept the Spirit birth that God is offering.

Mankind remains flesh; that is mortal – limited in their existence and subject to death, until the conclusion of the period of judgment. The period of judgment is defined as the millennium of rule of the Kingdom of God in Christ. Millennium is a relative term and defines a lengthy period of time spanning centuries but should not be assumed to be limited to exactly 1,000 years.

As the period of judgment draws to a close ha satan is released from his sequestration and once again allowed to spread his sophistry among Men.

Unsurprisingly, but disappointingly, the rebellion against God’s sovereignty is rekindled anew. A significant portion of humanity joins in the rebellion. It is hard to imagine living in God’s presence and experiencing His providence and Grace and turning your back on Him. It is hard to imagine that especially in light of the body of evidence recorded in the book of time written through the ages and revealed to Men. It must be remembered, however, that Men and Angels living in Eden and Heaven previous to this had done just that, so it should not surprise us that some would freely choose darkness over light in spite of everything.

But now comes the end of time. The final exam taken; the book is finished.

The Eternal One puts an end to the matter. The devil is now consigned to everlasting destruction and so are those who have freely chosen to join in his rebellion, whether Angels or Men.


At the final judgment at the end of time ha satan is consigned to everlasting destruction along with all those who have freely chosen to follow him in his rebellion. God Himself makes a quick end to them; there is no need to prolong the matter. Who will remain are those who have freely chosen to unite themselves to Father God in spite of everything. Many of those resurrected from the sea of unrepentant humanity, which spanned the millennia, will acknowledge God’s sovereignty and attain to everlasting life along with those brought to life in the first resurrection. To their everlasting sorrow and shame many will not.

And on the day that all of Heaven and Earth are freely brought under the authority of The Logos; on the day that every knee freely bows and every tongue freely confesses that Jesus Christ is Lord; on the day that all of the enemies of God have been brought to nothing and their selfish evil has been exposed for all to see; on that day Humanity will be united to God in the perfect relational unity that God intended when he determined to create sentient beings to share life and eternity with Him. Death will be no more; neither will morning, outcry of pain. The enemies of peace and freedom will be gone forever.

There will be a new relationship between God and Man. The old relationship marred by sin will pass away. God’s children will live with Him in eternity and they will be at one.

And time as we understand it will come to an end.