October 5, 2014



A tale of two cities:

The first city, Babylon, is likened unto a harlot. Why a harlot? A harlot is unholy and unfaithful; the two things that God is not. The harlot, Babylon the Great is the seed of the Devil presented in Genesis 3:15. It is his derivative, his progeny. It is the class of people that have bought into the deception of ha saten and dimensioned a system of governance and a civilization that functions apart from God. It defines its own gods and worships its idols and it refuses to acknowledge God’s holiness. The idea that we should be accountable to God is anathema to Great Babylon. Babylon is accountable only to itself but only as it deems expedient. All ethics are situational and arbitrary and subject to the amendments of those who rule Great Babylon. Babylon is not even faithful to itself, let alone to God, to whom the peoples of the Earth should be honorably united. The people of the Earth have strayed from their rightful husband and committed adultery with the gods of Great Babylon.

Babylon the Great has manifested itself in various forms throughout the ages, hence the term “great” attached to the name. It began with ancient Babylon, the first civilization to exercise hegemony over the peoples of the world and is with us today. Today, Babylon manifests itself in the Marxist inspired social democracies of Western Civilization centered in Western Europe and the United States, which are at work homogenizing the entire world political order into its sphere of influence. China and Asia are fully coopted. Even the elites that govern most Islamic countries are Westernized. But why wouldn’t they be? Babylon began among them.

Although the temples are not made of mud brick anymore; they are now made of glass and steel, Babylon is essentially unchanged. It is simply more technologically sophisticated. The aim and the approach have not changed. The aim is to seduce you into homaging the political and social elites so that they can dominate you and separate you from your resources, labor and sexual integrity. The approach is fundamentally to deceive and if necessary to coerce. Fame, money and sex are the deceptive agents. The Tax collector, lawyers and the police are the coercive agents.

Like a harlot, the relationship that Babylon wants to have with you is completely impersonal. A prostitute is interested in your money or drugs. What’s love got to do with it? The prostitute can be very alluring and even addictive but like the poor boy of song it will be your ruin.

This is contrasted against the vision of New Jerusalem. Like Babylon, Jerusalem is composed of its people. They are the called, chosen and faithful of God through the ages. This second city is also depicted as a woman but unlike the harlot Babylon this woman is pure and holy. She is clothed in white and is pictured as a bride ready to be wedded to her husband. She is a virgin that has not committed fornication with the World or the gods of Babylon. Christ is the bridegroom. God’s people are the bride. New Jerusalem is the “woman” of Genesis. From God’s people comes the “seed” (Christ) that will bruise the serpent in the head, and in Revelation chapter 20 He proceeds to do so with great finality. Because he comes from God’s people as represented by his Earthly parents, Joseph and Mary, He is called the Son of Man. Because He is the progeny of the Holy Spirit, He is called the Son of God. In the person of Jesus Christ the divine and human natures are united so that He is truly and properly God and truly and properly Man.

New Jerusalem like Eden is not a physical place, it is a relationship. In Revelation chapter 21 it is  pictured as coming down from heaven from God in the same way that Eden came from God. God planted the Garden, set its boundaries and populated it with everything necessary for a happy healthy relationship. The same is true with New Jerusalem. God defines the relationship. Like Eden the relationship is spacious. The boundaries are long, wide and high. The walls of the city are also thick and built on a solid foundation. They are an unassailable bulwark of holiness that will never be pulled down. The composition of the city and its boundaries includes every good and precious thing necessary for abundant life. And yes, life is there also.

The contrast is this: Babylon is exploitative, fickle and impersonal. It is a relationship of sorts but on the order of the kind of relationship a serf has to the manor. Jerusalem is faithful, loving and personal. The relationship is familial; marital. The devil wants your homage and servitude and offers nothing in return except the empty promises of a faithless lover. God wants your heart and offers true love, faithfulness and life.

In the vision Babylon sits on the Beast. The Beast represents, governments, kings and political institutions. The beast is how ha satan manifests himself in the world. This is the foundation upon which Great Babylon is built and the means by which ha satan controls the world alienated from God. In the vision it is these very institutions that ultimately destroy the Harlot. Babylon feeds on itself. It is self-destructive. It is an unsustainable system. It is unsustainable because it is impossible to sustain a system without boundaries. Also, as we learned from the pages of the book of time, selfish systems are finite and Babylon is built on selfishness. Great Babylon has no wall. It is impossible to harmonize a system where every nation, tribe, people and tongue; and individual for that matter, are making up their own ethic. The lack of uniform standards in Babylon create strife, anarchy and conflict. The walls of Jerusalem, on the other hand, are built out of the holiness of God. God’s loyal love is solid; unshakable. Unholy Babylon has nothing with which to defend itself except sophistry and eventually her lover’s tire of the lies and empty rhetoric, which create no lasting benefits or satisfying relationship. The faithlessness of the harlot eventually catches up with her and the very institutions upon which she has built her anti-God civilization ultimately do her in.