Tuesday – February 23, 2016

Prayer of Thanksgiving and Praise

You are a great and awesome God, O our Father.

Words fail me when I try to express the fullness of my admiration for you.

More than anything else, I want to be like You. I want to be like Jesus.

Thank You for the work you are doing in me and through me.

I am overwhelmed.

Father -

The world is in a mess and the mess gets deeper every day.

Your people are slaughtered and persecuted by the muslims.

Save Your people. Protect Your servants. Comfort and ease the affliction of the saints.

But if persecution should come – strengthen us for the day of testing.

We will not fail. We will hold firm.

Lord -

Destroy evil men. Your Kingdom come, Your will be done in Earth as it is in Heaven.

Come Lord Jesus.



Thursday – July 9, 2015

Prayer for Strength

Father -

I am so weary. I am, in fact depressed.

I seem to lack energy and motivation – yet, there is so much to be done.

There is no time to rest. I cannot even slow down a little.

Yet – I struggle to find the energy.

I often wonder: “What is the point?”

As hard as I try and as focused as I try to be – even disciplined – nothing ever seems to change or get done.

Most of my day is reactive rather than proactive.

Lord -

Bless me with strength. Strength for today – strength to carry on. Strength to remain faithful and not tire out.

Help me to focus on what is important. Help me to keep my eyes on the prize.

Father -

There is so much need – so much suffering and unhappiness.

The works of the devil flourish.

Protect Your people from harm and grant us success in the work You have given us – the work of bearing testimony to the Gospel of Grace.

Strengthen our resolve – put Your words in our mouth and Your thoughts in our minds and may all our actions bring glory, honor and praise to You.

Come Lord Jesus.

Amen and Amen




Monday – July 6, 2015

Your Kingdom Come

Dear Father -

With every passing day the world sinks deeper and deeper into chaos.

The leaders of the world seem unable to address any world events with any resolve whatsoever.

Your people sense that a financial and political crisis of great proportions is on the horizon and will soon be upon us.

Lord -

Strengthen us for the day of disaster.

Protect us from the works of the devil.

Father -

Your Kingdom come and Your will be done in Earth.

Come Lord Jesus.

Amen and Amen


Sunday – June 28, 2015

Prayer Against Homofacism

Father -

The forces of the devil revel in their sin.

I pray for their defeat and destruction.

Father -

Protect your people and their liberty.

Unite us against evil.

Father -

Give us the courage to take a stand.

May we stand like the brave with our face to the foe.

Through the blood -

Amen and Amen


Thursday – June 25, 2015

Praise the unchangeable God

The world is in an uproar, but You do not change. The world is in an uproar, but You are in control.

The nations are in tumult and the leaders of the world unite against You and speak against You.

What must You think?

You shake Your head and laugh at foolish Mankind.

What must You think?

Lord -

So few understand. So few praise You.

So few.

But Your saints love You Lord.

Your saints love Your law – Your unchanging holiness.

The people of The Book love You Lord.

We praise You for Your greatness.

We praise You for Your magnificence.

We praise You for Your great wisdom and power.

What an amazing creation You have dimensioned.

To be part of that – to be part of You – to be united to You.

What a privilege. What amazing possibilities.

Praise God you people.

Stop following after men and empty things.

Stop worshiping the adversary.

Lord -

Defeat the devil and rescue Your people.

Bring us full Salvation.

Your Kingdom come, Your will be done in Earth as it is in Heaven.

Yahwah and everything He does is good.

Praise God – praise God -

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.




Tuesday – June 23, 2015

Prayer for Healing

Father -

We look to You for healing.

I beseech You for healing.

I humble myself and beg for healing.

The affliction is great.

The affliction is in my own home and in the wider world.

Mind, body and spirit are affected.

To whom can we turn?

I appeal to You.

Lord – heal us of our infirmities. Grant rest from suffering.

We look to You.

Heal us through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Monday – June 22, 2015

Prayer for THE CHURCH

Father -

Everywhere I look I see compromise.

I see the Pope off on some weird environment kick.

I see the Angligan church caving to homosexuality.

I see black churches in America organized as political actions committees rather than houses of worship focused on You.

What happened to salvation through Jesus Christ?

When was the last time the Pope preached Salvation rather than Marxist social action?

When was the last time the Arch Bishop of Canterbury preached on holiness?

What do Al Sharpden and Jessee Jackson have to do with Christianity?

I doubt that any of these people are Christians.

They have all left the savior behind in favor of worldliness.

And it goes on and on. Everywhere I look I see The Church loosing sight of You, Father.

Even in my own denomination we tend to focus on social work rather than Salvation and I fall into that trap most days too.

What happened to Salvation through Jesus Christ?

Lord -

Save Your Church from apostacy.

Save Your Church from Compromise with the world.

Save Your Church from the works of the devil.




Monday – June 15, 2015

Prayer for Tyron and James

Dear Father:

How sad it is to end your life in a homeless shelter.

So many failed lives. So much unrealized potential.

Hundreds die everyday – thousands – .

I read somewhere that worldwide over 530,000 people die everyday.

How many of those people found You?

How many got it?


Father -

My prayer this morning is for James and Tyron and their ilk.

They are the lost.

Lord – save the lost.

Father -

I have a sense that I must do better. I have a sense that I must do better in guiding the lost to You.

I must do better.

Father give me strength and the grace to do it.

I make my prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Wednesday – June 10, 2015

I get Overwhelmed

Father -

I am in overload right now.

I have so much to do, nothing gets done.

Do I do this to myself?

Am I self-sabotaging?

Or – is it just life – and life in ministry?

I despair sometimes.

Father -

Help me to achieve balance and  bless me with strength for the journey.

Lord -

You are the number one thing in my life. I cannot let business crowd you out.

Father -

Help me to solve all the problems and overcome all the challenges.

Give me success and victory.

I look to You.

Lord – hear my prayer for I make it in Jesus name.


Monday – June 1, 2015

Prayer for Success and Victory

Father -

For all our ministries and institutions I pray Your blessing.

For all the ministers and workers employed in Your service I pray for Grace.

There are a myriad of challenges ahead of all of us this week. Grant us success.

Father -

The main thing is Salvation of the lost. May those seeking you claim the victory this week. Give Your servants the tools they need to help those reaching out to you the help they require.

May everything we do point people to You.

Father -

I know You are near. I know You are with us.

May I be attuned to Your voice as I move through my days.

May I be responsive to Your will.

Lord -

Defend Your people from the attacks of the devil.

Defend Your people from the attacks of governments.

Defend You people from the attacks of the moslems.

Give us victory and success we pray in Jesus name.



Sunday – May 31, 2015

Prayer for Peace and Center

Dear Father -

It gets a little overwhelming sometimes.

So much to do. So much happening that requires a response.

How to get it all done?

That’s just what’s happening in my immediate circle of life, work and family.

Then there’s what’s happening in the world.

Persecution – civilization unraveling – everything is a mess. The devil is loose in the world wreaking havoc.

It all makes for some anxiety.

Lord -

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

Lord -

Grant me the peace that comes from knowing that You are in control of all things and that I have done the best I can to reflect You in my daily life.

Lord -

Center my life fully in Your will and guide me to the destiny that You have planned for me from before the founding of the world.

Father -

May I have a faith worthy of the high calling You have placed on me.

On to the conflict soldiers of the right. Let us stand with the brave with our face to the foe.

All praise, glory and honor to God, our Father, through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Friday – May 29, 2015

No Compromise


The pressures to compromise are sometimes very subtle and sometimes very overt.

The subtle messaging comes from the media and the surrounding culture. Compromise your principles or be mocked.

Products and advertising also have compromise built into them. Violent video games desensitize us to the horror of war and privation. Women are objectified and marginalized as well as Christians.

Compromise and be like the world.

The overt pressure sees Christians dragged to the arena and slaughtered.

What will we do? Will we succumb or will we stand firm?

Father -

It is easy to say we will never deny You. Peter said so and the next hour denied You three times.

It is easy to say never but it takes spirit to take a stand against the devil.

Fortify us with Your Spirit. Strengthen us to stand firm.

Father -

We have decided for You. We give You our trust. We put our faith in You.

We will not waiver.

Lord -

Protect and defend us from the devil.

Come Lord Jesus.

Amen and amen


Monday – May 25, 2015

Prayer Against Antichrist

Father -

Bind the devil.

Antichrist is rampaging through the world destroying any last vestige of civilization and decency.

Everything holy is discredited, destroyed or compromised.

Your people are persecuted and killed.

Where will it all end?

Father -

How long will this all go on?

Will all good people perish and will there be only barbarian animals left?

Woe to those through whom the fulfillment of the prophets come.

Father -

Give us the strength to stand firm in our faith.

May we never compromise what is holy.

Give us the words to say and the Spirit to act.

Protect us from the evil one.

Defeat antichrist.

Dear Sovereign Lord -

Speed the coming of Jesus.

May Your will be done in Earth as it is in Heaven.

Father: forgive us our sin and steel us for the day of trial.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Friday, May 22, 2015

Prayer for Guidance


I feel a little lost this morning.

What am I doing wrong?

I feel like I have drifted a little – been distracted.

Been discouraged?

I need you to pull me back on center.

Father -

I am not the only one who feels a little lost. Some of my friends seem a bit puzzled and discouraged too.

Maybe it is the crush of things to do.

Maybe it is the frustration of dealing with difficult people.

Maybe it is dealing with problems that have no solutions.

Father -

Refocus me. Keep reminding me what the main thing is and guide me to fulfillment of Your will for me.

I pray energy and strength.

I pray protection from negative forces.

Father -

You are my ideal – my God.

Jesus – You are my inspiration.

Holy Spirit – fill me with the nature and character of God.

Lord – conform me – sanctify me.

All praise and glory to God, our Father, through Jesus Christ His Son.




Thursday – May 14, 2015

In Honor of the Author of Time

Father -

Time belongs to You.

You have set and determined its limits and its measure.

Arrogant men believe they can manipulate time.

The haughty believe they can overcome it.

But no man, no matter how strong he believes he is, can amend of change what You have ordained.

Man cannot master time any more than they can master You.

Time, in fact, is the master of Man.

Time is an unassailable barrier – it is an overwhelming force – and it is coming for all of us.

Father -

Those who love You sense that time grows short.

We know that You have set a limit on the existence of this world. We know that You act in Your own time – but Father, we pray that You will speed the coming of the end of this ungodly system.

Make an end of it, Father – we beseech You.

Preserve and protect Your people and save us from this place.

Come Lord Jesus.

Bring us home, Father. We long for You.

Father -

May we use our time wisely.

May we use our time to come to know and understand You and may we act on what we know.

Time grows short for me.

May I finish well.

All praise, honor and glory to the Holy One of Israel, the author of time.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Wednesday – May 13, 2015

Prayer for honesty and Integrity

Father -

Once again it is brought home to me how important honesty is.

What I say and do is apparent for all to see. It has to hold water. It has to have substance. It cannot in any way be shady.

There are enough lies in the world. It is all around. Who can find an honest man?

Father -

May my honesty and integrity reflect well on you today.

I choose to pattern myself after you. You are always truthful.

I choose to be on the side of truth and listen to the voice of Jesus.

I choose to live in the light and not in the darkness.

May my life be an open book.

Father -

Thank You for who You are.

Come Lord Jesus. Bring us an age of truth.

Lord – hear our prayer for we make it in Jesus name..



Tuesday – May 12, 2015

Prayer for David

Lord -

David needs help. He’s failing.

So many failed lives. So many lost.

What can I do?

Father -

So few see.

So few get it.

Father -

I am not everything I could be.

I am not the man I want to be.

I am not as strong and noble as I need to be.

Lord, give me grace.

Make me into all I could be and let your grace flow through me to others.

Father -

Help David and forgive me.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Monday – May 11, 2015

Prayer for Energy

I am so tired, Lord.

Sometimes I wonder if I am really accomplishing anything or if I am just spinning my wheels.

Am I really any good or is it just an illusion?

Am I really just a mediocrity?

Am I kidding my self?

I wonder?

Father -

I look to you for wisdom and guidance.

I cannot do anything in my own strength.

Unless You are with me, what can I accomplish?

Equip me with the tools I need to succeed.

May my speech, my attitude and my actions be soothing and leave a good taste in everyones mouth.

Father -

I am tired.

Energize me.

Lord –  I humbly pray in Jesus name.



Sunday – May 10, 2015

Prayer for Guidance and Strength

Father -

We look to you for guidance and blessing.

The world is full of pitfalls.

How can we navigate it without You to guide us.

We look to you to protect us.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.