Friday – March 27, 2015


What a wonderful thing, love.

Father -

What an amazing idea – and amazing concept You have conceived.

To give of oneself selflessly – because it is noble on its face to do so.

Without any prospect of reciprocity. Without any expectation.

To have affinity for another – high regard.

To want to be united to another relationally.

What an amazing thing – love.

Father -

You are love. I want to be like You.

Keep teaching me about it. Keep filling me with it.

Lord -

There is a lot of anti-love in the world.

It’d hard to believe that there are those who actually dislike this amazing thing You have made.

They prefer life centered in themselves.

They prefer resentments and guile.

They spend their lives hating – proactively working against others instead of cooperating relationally with them.

Instead of giving of themselves, they are content to take of others to gratify themselves.

I see a lot of this – everywhere I look.

Father -

Do not withhold Your love from me.

I can imagine that there are days when you do not feel very loving to the selfish and the sinful – but do not abandon us.

Father – keep filling me with love. Keeping conforming me to Your nature and character.

May Your love flow through me to others.

Father -

My prayer today is that the entire world would come to know and understand Your great love – especially the love You show through the work of the cross.

Especially the love You show all humanity through the life of Jesus – and His sacrifice.

Thank You for love.

May the world see Your love in me.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Thursday – March 26, 2015

I Despair

Father -

I read the news sometimes and I just despair.

I live in victory and with assurance – and I understand that a world living apart from You would be this way – but sometimes I just despair.

I cannot believe the cruelty. I cannot believe the pain. I cannot believe that people would teat each other this way.

I cannot believe the hatred. I especially despair at the hatred for Jews. I know the devil is near when Your people are attacked.

I despair at the hatred for Christians. Not just from the Muslims, from whom I expect it, but from white Westerners?


I know the devil is near when I see Your people attacked.

I suppose I despair most because nobody seems to care.

I do my work everyday. I stand for Your Name. But nobody cares much.

I must do more. I must do better.

Father -

Give me courage and strength.

Bless me with focus and resolve.

You have given me the resources I need. May I use them wisely.

Lord -

I will not be discouraged at the state of humanity but I will be resolute.

I will press forward.

Father -

May my life and conduct bring honor to You this day.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Prayer Against Islam

Father -

Restrain the devil.

Bind the religion of antichrist.

Frustrate the plans of ha satan.


You alone are GOD.

Praise the Name of Jesus.

May all false gods and the idols people worship be brought to nothing.

Father -

I exalt in the faithfulness of the oppressed but I pray – ease their affliction.

Give them rest from persecution.

May we all be found worthy to bear the mark of the martyrs.

Father -

We look to the day when this evil world alienated from You will be destroyed, along with its false religion, oppressive political systems and unholy society and culture.

Come Lord Jesus.

Save Your people.

Amen and amen