Thursday – April 16, 2015

Prayer for my Staff

Father -

My prayer is personal this morning.

I bring before You the men on my staff and I pray Your blessing upon them.

Some are younger – some are older – but they have a very difficult job caring for people hard to love.

I appreciate their attitudes and good hearts and I thank You for them.

Burnout is setting in for some. They can be short and abrupt at times. For them I ask serenity.

We get overwhelmed some days. Grant patience to my men.

Lord -

Hear me – thank You for giving us the opportunity to do this work. It is worthy and we are humbled that You would trust us with it.

May our attitudes and actions reflect well on You at all times.

We need Your strength, Father.

Energize and empower us.

Propel us forward.

Ignite our passion.

Father -

We love You.

Blessed be this day -

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Wednesday – April 15, 2015

Prayer for the Weary Traveler

We weary Lord – we weary.

Life’s journey is difficult.

We strain under the load.

Father -

It seems so difficult to get the simplest things accomplished.

Everything is difficult – everything requires so much effort.

Month after month – year after year – we struggle.

And we ask ourselves – “for what”?

When all is said and done, what have we really accomplished?

What difference did we make and what significance did we have?

As as soon as we are gone or off the scene, everything we did or tried to do reverts back to chaos – and soon – we and what we tried to do is forgotten.

We weary – Lord.

The burden of life is heavy.

Father -

So many just give up.

Sometimes – I wonder????????

Lord -

We will not surrender to the darkness.

Your people will remain firm in their resolve to continue faithful.

Give us strength for the journey.

Give us the courage to carry on.

Give us victory in the struggle.

We are weary Lord – grant us rest from the battle.

Nourish us with Your Word and Your Spirit.

We yearn for the still waters.

Father -

We look to Your Kingdom.

Come Lord Jesus.

Come New Jerusalem.

May there be peace everlasting.

Father -

Forgive us our sin. Overlook our flesh.

Hear our prayer for we make it in Jesus Name.





Monday – April 13, 2015

Prayer for Protection from Harm

Dear Father -

There are a lot of negative forces in the world.

They impact Your people. They impact me personally.

Father – protect me and my brothers and sisters.

Father -

Protect me from the people who would do me harm.

I have enemies. I have rivals. I have detractors.

They seek my defeat. Some really hate me.

They are within and without the church. They are within and without my place of employment.

Protect us from muslims, communists, atheists and false brothers.

Protect me Father.

Father -

Protect me and my brothers and sisters from the impersonal institutions and harmful places that can bring us ruin.

I am thinking of the governments that are anti-God.

I am thinking of places that are unholy – porn shops – bars.

Even sports venues, TV, casinos and the like.

All these worldly places bring Your people down.

Protect me Father.

Father -

Protect me and my brothers and sisters from harmful things.

Smut, drugs, prostitution, money – things in our environment that we do not even understand.

They are out there waiting to pull us down.

Protect me Father.

Lord -

We live in a dangerous world full of people, places and things that want to do us harm.

We look to You for protection.

We look to the day when all these will be a thing of the past.

May Your Kingdom come and may Your will be done in Earth as it is in Heaven.

Father -

Where we have fallen into temptation – forgive us our sin.

Save us from the devil.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.