Thursday – April 23, 2015

Count Your Blessings

Father -

I was listening to Bach yesterday and as I enjoyed the sound It occurred to me that even though the world is a mess, there is much to be grateful for. So I will take a moment to count my blessings.

Thank You for music. Not the noise that passes for music but actual music. Thank You for Beethoven. Thank You for Handel. Thank You for Bach. Music makes my life better.

Thank You for the staff. There are good people in my life that make it better.

Thank You for my cats. They make my life richer and better.

Thank You for silence. There is great blessing in the peace that comes from the absence of noise, bustle and turmoil.

Thank You for Hope. Change and growth are possible. We are not doomed to sameness but we can morph into something that looks like Jesus.

Father -

Here are five blessings that I can be grateful for this morning. There are many more.

Let me say in closing that I am grateful for the work You have done – and are doing in my life.

Thank You for my life story. Even the difficult chapters. Challenge is making me a better person.

Lord hear my prayer for I make it in Jesus name.



Wednesday – April 22, 2015


Father -

I feel insecure and anxious sometimes.

Its nothing new. I feel that way all the time and have since I was a child.

But somehow, You have always been there, and I am still here.

My needs have been met and I have grown.

Why should I doubt that it will be any different today or tomorrow?

You have not abandoned me. You are near – as near as You have ever been. I feel You – I sense You.

So – why the insecurity and the anxiety?

Father -

I often ponder the faithfulness of Abraham. I often ponder his faithlessness as well.

He was sometimes anxious and insecure – and sometimes he processed and responded to his fears by taking matters into his own hands and neglecting to consult You on a solution.

He did that sometimes. Like me he knew that You were near.

Why didn’t he just ask You? Why didn’t he just trust You?

But when the day of his testing came, he was unquestionably faithful and put his entire trust in You.

A dichotomy.

Lord -

I see myself in Abraham. I do not question Your presence – but sometimes I just want to do it myself.

When challenges come – why don’t I just ask You? Why don’t I just trust You?


When the day of testing comes, will I have a faith like Abraham and trust You without hesitation?

May it be so Lord.

Father -

Give me a faith like Abraham.

Keep showing me; keep teaching me to always trust You – no matter what.

The day of trial and testing is coming.

May I prove worthy to stand with the martyrs.

May I prove worthy to stand with the called; the chosen and the faithful.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Tuesday – April 21, 2015

Strength for Today

Strength for today, Father, strength for today.

Strength for the journey.

Strength for the fight.

Strength to maintain our integrity.

Strength to do right.

Strength to accomplish Your will and purpose for us.

Strength to bear the affliction of others.

Strength to impart to others.

Strength to do what needs to be done.

Strength for today, Father, strength for today.

Dear Father -

Give us strength through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Monday – April 20, 2015


We mourn for the Martyrs – Father

The slaughter of our brothers continues.

No one cares.

The Western governments hate Your people too.

They care little for the slaughter of the righteous.

If any ever doubted that we live in Satan’s world how could they deny it now.

Lord -

Where is the outrage? Where is the anger?

We all seem cowed and silent.

I feel ashamed.

What can I do?

Father -

Protect Your people.

Bring this evil system to a conclusion and unite us with You.

Come Lord Jesus.

Father -

May my attitude and conduct reflect well on You today.

May Jesus be seen in me – though I mourn.

What can I do? Show me, and give me courage to act.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.