Thursday – April 30, 2015

Prayer for Courage

Courage – Father – courage.

We need it.

We need it to face the beast.

We need it to maintain our integrity.

There are a million reasons to crumble.

We must stand firm.

Give us courage, Father.

Strengthen our hearts.

Firm our knees.

Father -

We love You – not the world.

There are a million reasons to crumble but You are the most powerful reason to stand firm.

Lord -

Protect and encourage Your people.

Hear our prayer.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Tuesday – April 28, 2015

Protect Your People

Father -

Things are spinning out of control.


Protect Your people.

Bring us home to You.

Come Lord Jesus.



Monday – April 27, 2015

Show Us Your Will

Father -

Reveal Yourself to us so that we may have clarity.

We long to be centered in Your will.

We want to be at a place in our lives where we have complete confidence that we are where we are suppose to be; doing what we are supposed to do.

What is my mission and my place, Lord?

Inform me – convict me.

Touch me with a certainty of knowing.

Father -

There are so many distractions in the world.

Material, sexual, egotistical.

Then there is necessity.

So many things to move You off the center of our lives.

S many things to keep me from doing what I know I am supposed to do.

Father -

Help us to plow through all the snow and distractions and always make our relationship with You our number one priority.

Lord, make us one.

Father, I ask again – give me clarity – and then open the doors to make it possible to do what You have decided for me.

Equip me with the tools to do the job.

Bless me with the will and determination to do it.

Bind the devil and the world from my path.

Father -

Thank You for caring about me and giving me a part to play in Your plan of the ages.

Thank You for Jesus and the hope we have in him.

Thank You for Your great Salvation.

Thank You for the Church.

Father -

May Your Church move through this week with clarity and purpose.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.