Friday – April 10, 2015

Prayer for the Alcoholic

Father -

Perhaps the most destructive agent known to Man is alcohol.

It has caused mored death, destruction and dislocation that any other substance.

It is more powerful than Plutonium or Highly Enriched Uranium.

It has more potential for harm than even Marxist ideology.

I see and experience the people it has enslaved everyday.

Father -

I lift these poor people up to You and pray for their Salvation.

Grace them with the strength to break their chain.

Do for them what they cannot do for themselves.

Guide them to a place of recovery.

Help them find Jesus.

They cannot do any of this on their own.

And so we look to You.

Father -

I pray for the families of the alcoholic and especially the children that are so adversely affected by the addictions of their parents.

Poverty and want are the residue of alcoholism.

Psychological and development trauma.

And the affliction spreads generationally.

Lord -

Heal our families. Heal our communities. Heal our Nation.

Heal the mind, body and spirit of the alcoholic.

For those of us who give care, show us the best way to render aid.

Bless us with the resources we need, both material and intellectual.

Father -

We yearn for the healing of Mankind that will come through the reign of Your Son Jesus Christ.

May Your Kingdom come and may Your will be done in Earth as it is in Heaven.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Thursday – April 9, 2015


What I lament – Lord

I have spent my entire life living with people I do not like or admire.

I have spent my entire life living with people who do not like me and hold me in contempt.

This reality holds both inside my home and without.

I lament that my sincerity and generous nature are seen as an opening by which to either mock or take advantage of me.

I lament the multiplicity and teeming abundance of fools in the world. They are everywhere.

I lament the laziness and sloth I see everyday.

I lament.

Those I admire are few.

But I love You Lord.

I crave unity with You.

Come Lord Jesus.



Wednesday – April 8, 2015

Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Father -

I lift up to you this morning Your people who are under assault by the muslims.

Lead them to a place of safety.

Provide for their physical needs.

Ease the onslaught of the adversary.

Give them strength to endure.

Father -

I lift up to You Your people who are persecuted by the Communists.

In China – shield them from harm.

In Cuba – protect them in prison.

In North Korea – hide them away from the evil ones.

Throughout the world Рempower their message of hope in  places run by heartless dictators.

Father -

I lift up Your people to You who are under attack by the secular left in the West.

Bind the evil prophets of antichrist who comprise the press.

Frustrate the politicians, judges and bureaucrats who are attacking Christianity.

Give Your people the courage to use their voice.

Make us holy as You are holy.

Lord -

We look to Your day of deliverance.

Come Lord Jesus.

Amen and amen


Monday – April 6, 2015

Prayer for Courage and Will

Dear Father:

Courage and will -

I know that love for You means obeying Your will and Your commands.

Why do we/I find that so hard to do sometimes.

The flesh in which we dwell is an obstacle for sure – but – it is a cop-out to blame it on the flesh all the time.

The truth is that if we really wanted to achieve something, we could.

We can overcome the flesh. It is a matter of will and commitment and faith.

Its a matter of surrender as well and letting You do a work in us for we understand that there are some things that only You can do for us.

I know that I cannot achieve Salvation through my own will and effort.

Yet I can make choices and I can act in harmony with the choices I make.

So why do I hesitate? Fear – cowardice – faithlessness?

Lord -

I do not always understand myself – but I know this -

I need courage and will to confront the onslaught of the adversary.

Grace me with courage, Father, do do what is right and necessary.

Grace me with will, Father, to do what is right and necessary in spite of loss and danger.

Inspirit me to overcome the flesh and look to heaven in all things.

Bless me with a faith like Abraham to do what is required and to trust You no matter what.

Courage, will, trusting faith.

My these qualities be a hallmark of my personality. This is the kind of Man I want to be.

Father -

Thank You for the many blessings You have bestowed. May I use what You have given wisely.

All praise glory and honor to You -

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.